North Korea the 1st smokers Kim Jong-un

North Korea, “the 1st smokers” Kim Jong-un


Tobacco According to Sohu reported North Korean Special multi-smokers, even if a Marshal Kim Jong-un. In North Korea’s official public photos, either in a hospital ward, or in the rocket command hall, or in front of the veterans who can see Kim Jong Un hand clamp filter cigarettes or ashtrays scene before them, this number so people can not help but worry for the health of some of the leaders. Kim Jong-un family, “smoker” many, especially his father Kim Jong Il has said it is “dead also smoke.” As Korea’s No.1 smokers, smoking in a solution, while leader Kim Jong Un also want to show the image of his own maturity and self-confidence through the hands of the cigarette.

December 14, Kim Jong-un Jang IPO activity after the event, he was holding a cigarette, look confident.

Marshal Kim Jong-un is also smoke, a lot of Chinese netizens understand this hobby Kim Jong Un, may be due in December 2012 in Korea shooting star. Prior to this time, “Bright Star” has failed several times to heaven, launch of Kim Jong-un in person at the scene, shot in empty at the scene, Kim Jong Un podium one person sitting alone on a large work desk only put four things: a phone, a microphone, all ashtrays, a box of matches.

Kim Jong-un smoking

This is a very rare photo released by North Korea’s official reason is rare, because the back of the head is shown in the photo marshal people. Photo Kim Jong Un a shot from the side exposed only 1/3 of the eye, he was glued to the big screen in the same time, a half smoked cigarette holder in his mouth, but not positive though people face, they are the marshal obsession concern for the people of the sad face glance into the heart. In the account of the fact that while the news, photos, yet domineering leader Harbourside, Queen photographer level is evident.
This captivating photo in the domestic heat transfer, so that many users suddenly found: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is also smokers.

Three generations have loved the gold cigarette cravings considerable Kim

North Korea’s cigarette

North Korea Kim Jong-un ordinary people with the same family, has a tradition of smoking. Although the official propaganda will be non-smoking, but in Korea, smoking has become a habit among the cadre and personnel have received “Whether men and women are handed a cigarette” habits. There are also advised tobacco habit among ordinary people. Because Koreans smoked, North Korea made a lot of cigarette factories, representative are the culmination of a cigarette factory, Dragon cigarettes, cigarette Pyongyang, dragon cigarettes, cigarettes and would rather Chongjin cigarette factories. In addition, because of the lack of smoke were to take the shot, the Korean domestic and imported cigarettes from China and other countries, and even a lot of counterfeit cigarettes. Businessman engaged in the tobacco business is also very rich.

So people, not to mention the gold leaders in North Korea’s official news documentary, Kim Il Sung had appeared to farmers “asking for a light” scenes. Although Kim was said to be one of three smokers fools of the 21st century, but Kim Jong Il himself is also a genuine “smoker.” This habit when he boasted Korea vividly demonstrated to foreigners out, he had to boast of foreigners called “Korea mansudae troupe just as famous ’555 ‘cigarettes.”

Kim smoke

Kim later quit because of health problems, and therefore issued a nationwide ban, but in 2008 after recovering from a stroke Kim collapsed health intolerable cravings, relapse again, saying, “I have to smoke to die.” . Since then, Kim Jong Il did not quit then, in the four months before his death, people still insist on smoking stroke of Kim Jong Il. Who suffered from brain disease re-smoking significantly increases the risk of recidivism, and Kim Jong Il as diabetes, smoking also causes vascular damage, causing a heart attack. So, to some extent, Kim Jong-il is really smoking “draw death”.

Mr. Kim’s addiction much?

Kim Jong Un did not put in my heart the lessons his father, also inherited the traditional ancestors. Kim Jong Il as a chef for 13 years, according to Japanese Kenji Fujimoto said, fifteen-year-old Kim Jong-un, or “bear children” when secretly started smoking ban a violation of Kim Jong Il.

Mr. Kim’s addiction much? Despite himself has said he is not smoking, smoking is the reason why, “want to know what is in front of the soldiers are pumping smoke”, but according to media reports, Kim Jong Un addiction should not lose his father, also a big pipe. North Korea’s official leader in the picture, Kim Jong Un smoke lens is also far more than his father. Had analysts believe that Kim Jong-un in addition to smoking addiction from childhood, the imitation of the former leaders of the people can win support, but also gives a sense of maturity, “age does not match,” the.

Kim Il Sung to Deng Xiaoping’s cigarette lighter

In these public photo, Kim Jong Un smoking tobacco in Memorial Hall, smoking a cigarette in a rocket command hall meeting when smoking a cigarette, watching the show when smoking a cigarette, when issued instructions in smoke, even in hospital Such a non-smoking place, he also smoking. Even if not smoking, careful people will find, as long as Kim Jong-un seated in front of him will always be an ashtray. Because the smoke, he reportedly also led some veterans in the back said he “did not understand basic etiquette.”

In accordance with such a rhythm, I love to smoke those confirmation, Kim Jong-un at least one day have to smoke 10 cigarettes, if a chain smoker does not control the day probably have thirty-five package.

Kim Jong Un love what brand of cigarette smoke?

So, the top leadership of the Korean people’s favorite brand of cigarettes do what?

Kim smoke

As mentioned above, the DPRK is a love of the smoke of the nation, but the North Korean-made, can be rich fancy eye cigarette brand has almost no foreign cigarettes is very popular in Korea upper classes of society. It is said that Kim Jong Il gave smokers who are very unhappy, but also specifically to the cigarette factory over the next instruction requires its level to catch “catch the Premiership beautiful”, rapidly improving quality. But even with the command of the Supreme Leader, North Korea is still not to force tobacco. Kim finally lost confidence completely abandoned the domestic cigarette, only smoke a foreign brand cigarettes. Kim favorite brands including Dunhill, Rothmans, 555, Marlboro, as well as people have noticed Kim smoked China’s “national smoke” China.

So, what Kim Jong-un like cigarette smoke it? According to the current exposure data, Marshal is also a big fan of foreign cigarettes. Kim’s chef has revealed that the fifteen-year-old, the younger Mr. Kim secretly smoked Yves Saint Laurent brand cigarettes, which is a famous brand of cigarettes in France. The sources also said that he even gave the driver went to study in Switzerland when their cigarettes. Now, Kim Jong-un is what brand smoked cigarettes, yet to see a media report.

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