Wonderful effects of cigarettes

Wonderful effects of cigarettes

Tobacco is known, according to Sohu reported that smoking is harmful to health, but there are some magical cigarette in car repair, this point not many people know. Cigarettes not only can be used to diagnose the fault, but you can also use it in a temporary emergency conditions imposed special emergency situation or task down.

Check valve tightness: Available blow check valve and valve seat seal tobacco law.Wash the good valve valve grinding into the catheter according to the order, by hand or the right tools to withstand the valve, then a puff of smoke, to have been washed in the intake manifold and exhaust manifold port blowing smoke, manifold to fit the mouth mouth does not leak principle. While watching whether there is smoke coming between the valve and valve seat, if there is no smoke coming out, then the valve seal is good, or should be reground.

Check the oil, the airway is smooth: Available blowing smoke method to check whether the oil carburetor unobstructed. Carburetor circuit, vacuum line more, especially imported carburetor, usually after cleaning with compressed air to blow the carburetor needs to pass, but in the end what the oil channel or really really blowing through the air ducts, the operator is difficult to judge, and thus causing a lot of rework phenomenon. If the law can be used to blow the smoke is very easy to find out whether each of the oil or airway.

For example, no idling car carburetor, the carburetor apart wash and dry gas, after blowing through with a hose blowing smoke, starting with the idle fuel hole, then idle air holes, the last smoke mixture from the carburetor idle adjustment screw at the leak, considered idle oil passages and air unobstructed, otherwise re-examined until a puff of smoke so far. Similarly, blowing smoke method can also be used to check the transmission, rear axle, and the engine crankcase gases vent check valve on the steering gear housing is smooth, then give repair or replacement under the circumstances. These components, if clogged, will make the pressure, easy to make the relevant parts of the oil spill caused by the fault.

Abrasive ash can be used for: cigarette ash is a good abrasive automotive repair carburetor, especially imported cars carburetor, often encounter triangle needle wear and not readily available, then the available cigarette Point Grey with oil as an abrasive, and triangular triangular needle needle valve seat grinding, will get satisfactory results.

Tobacco may be plugging: in the road on the way if you encounter water leakage can be used to cut tobacco temporary emergency. First hand pliers larger cooling tank leaking flat film holder, then unscrew the tank pressure cap, and remove the thermostat, then crumple tobacco, into the tank at the outlet from the Canadian finally start the engine, respectively low, medium, high speed, so the tobacco will be adsorbed into the core tube in the tank leaks. When the view is blocked to the tank leaks, cover plus outlet cover, you can travel. But note that this can only be used as an emergency, go back and thoroughly cleaned with high pressure water tank welding repair. In addition, can also be used for temporary emergency at the local tobacco small area bloodshed.Engaged in auto repair work, cut through point flesh, blood flow is not surprising.After the bloodshed, if cigarette with a clean silk dressing the wound cover, can play the role of temporary hemostasis and analgesia.

Filter can be used as lubricating felt: The cigarette filter can be temporarily replaced distributor lubrication felt on the cam. First, the head of the filter cigarette out of the paper strip, the amount of feed raw felt filter Sise metal folder, the excess portion may be exposed scissors together, and then a few drops of oil in the alternative to the felt.

Operation should Note: To use the filter-tipped cigarettes, such as the use of cigarettes without filters, tobacco may be blown into the interior of the part; smoking should pay attention to fire safety, and to prevent the movement of ash scattered into the vice of precision.

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