Tobacco smoke is a major cause of lung cancer

Tobacco smoke is a major cause of lung cancer

 that air pollution is a major cause of lung cancer. Shanxi Medical School sophomore cancer treatment experts: I believe that friends will have such a sentiment, cancer around friends, relatives and more and more people suffering from lung cancer in particular, special, and this is how it happened?

According to the China’s third cause of death in the findings are confirmed, cancer deaths have become urban residents in the first leading cause of death among lung cancer incidence, mortality ahead, topped the list. In the past 30 years, the mortality rate of lung cancer increased 465 percent over the same period 95% increase in breast cancer mortality.

Secondhand smoke, air pollution is a major cause of lung cancer

High incidence of lung cancer is a product of social development in developing countries, and its incidence increases with an aging population, rural and urban industrialization and urbanization process accelerated rise, at present, the incidence of lung cancer in developed countries has begun to decline, Africa and other poor countries, the incidence of has been low. This developing industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, indoor environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking are closely related. If environmental factors controllability relies on the overall progress of society, then, smoking is the most personal and social controllable carcinogenic and anti-cancer factor, because smoking has become an internationally recognized oncology community one of the factors most important cause of lung cancer. A survey shows that China’s current total amount of 320 million smokers, long-term by “passive smoking” aggressor up to 540 million of these people will become a huge reserve army of lung cancer. Whole community to actively tobacco, personal proactively prevent lung cancer is to quit an important measure.

Some people may ask, “Why do some people live to be seventy or eighty years lifetime smoking, why the proportion of female smokers is not high, but the growth rate of incidence of lung cancer will be significantly higher than men?” In this regard, Shanxi Medical sophomore Institute of Cancer specialists said that besides smoking, individual susceptibility, and other risk factors for lung cancer also play a role, especially air pollution and lung cancer in non-smokers have an important relationship with living in air pollution levels areas were higher compared to people who do not smoke, live in relatively clean air areas of people die of lung cancer decreased by 20%.

In addition, the non-smokers suffer from a higher cure rate for non-small cell lung cancer more. Women suffering from lung cancer and long-term passive smoking, genetic factors, diet, cooking fumes, inhalation of radon and air pollution and so on.

Lung cancer treatment, multidisciplinary joint consultation is the trend

Currently, no early detection of lung cancer still diagnostic markers, screening a large area is difficult to achieve. With regard to prevention, we need to strengthen the self-awareness of health risk populations. For lung cancer, the experts mentioned several times, the establishment of multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer treatment. Since the early detection of lung cancer is low, 80% of patients, once discovered it is already in advanced, not only the tumor was so large, there are lymph node or pulmonary metastasis, surgery to lose the best time. This means that not only is a surgical lung disease, but a systemic disease, is required surgery, oncology, respiratory, chemotherapy, biological immune therapy department and cardiology, brain faculties, emergency department and other diseases common response . This requires the establishment of a new treatment system and treatment system, that multidisciplinary treatment of the tumor joint consultation system in the patient after surgery allows patients to be more effective adjuvant therapy. This is currently the most advanced cancer treatment systems that are the treatment options for patients with lung cancer is more individualized and standardized, and its patient survival rate and quality are greatly enhanced.

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