Midnight cigarette lighter

Midnight cigarette lighter
I recently accepted the position of a small company, the boss’s secretary. Although this company is small, the boss’s spectrum can be big. Each dinner party at a large hotel, or in front of everybody, should I hand cigarette lighter for him, take purses, cell phones. In order to make the boss a good smoke smoke in the house, I specifically bought a new boss electronic windproof lighter.

Last night, I was fast asleep, the boss suddenly received a phone call that there is urgent let me pass it. I have a watch, 13:00, thinking that this will be the boss what happened at midnight, sick or too much wine? Go to the hospital? Although the boss loves airs, but were good, very good to me. Hurriedly dressed, ride a bike to the boss rush home.

To catch a twenty kilometers road, the boss finally arrived home, I saw the boss wearing pajamas, lying on the sofa, his mouth Diao cigarette lighter in his hand, thinking about something. I hurried up to the boss took a lighter hand, point to the boss and asked: “Boss, I’ll have what you are looking for an emergency?”

I saw the boss smoking a cigarette, said: “No matter, you return it.”

I stood there with his mouth open big puzzled. The boss told me to see me like this is going on, middle of the night he wanted to smoke, you can not come up with a new lighter, cigarette usually are his wife, his wife back home yesterday, so he thought of me.

It turned out that most of the night called me, just for his cigarette.

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