Orange can eradicate smoking brings all kinds of harmful ingredients

Orange can eradicate smoking brings all kinds of harmful ingredients

Eat oranges, can play a dual role of beauty and health, really is a “kill two birds with one stone of the healthy food! Even more interestingly, orange whole body is treasure, in addition to the flesh, is the orange peel, shall also be rich in limonin as inhibition of breast cancer to win jewels! About their friends who go on smoking, oranges but their Gospel, as many oranges can eradicate smoking brings the various harmful ingredients!

Orange peel to prevent oxidation

Oranges contain flavonoids elements is the most important ingredients in orange peel glucoside, the orange peel glucoside is often combined with vitamin C to take good care of our health.And orange peel glucoside and reactive oxygen species “after the battle will be natural vitamin C, and vitamin moved to its original position, to prevent oxidation of the daily work.

Orange contains phytochemicals and orange peel glucoside is far more than the beans contains the dye MuHuang west with, can effectively inhibit breast cancer cell reproduction.Mentioned so far, however, inhibition of breast cancer, people always think of eat more soy foods, and do not think of eating oranges, it seems, is an appointment into the common people accustomed to myth.

Bitter lemon is better than orange peel glucoside 45 times stop tumor natural energy.Apply limonin to lung cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer etc. The above experiment, also obtained impressive achievement.

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