How to remove toxins smoking woman

How to remove toxins smoking woman

In today’s society, the number of women smoking is also not a few, because of work pressure big, a lot of women will choose to work a smoke to relieve the mental pressure, that can be refreshing.In fact, smoking is a kind of hurt, not only for themselves but for other people’s irresponsible.So smoking women how to row poison?

1, the vitamin supplements.Certain compounds in the smoke, can make vitamin A, B, C, E and so on the activity of greatly reduced, and make these vitamins in the body gets A lot of consumption.Therefore, smokers should often eat more foods rich in these vitamins, such as milk, carrot, peanut, cornmeal, bean sprouts, cabbage, vegetable oil, such already can complement vitamin deficiency caused by smoking, also can strengthen the body’s own immune function.

2, often drink tea more.Because the smoke contains some of the compounds can lead to arterial intimal thickening, gastric acid secretion was significantly reduced and increased blood sugar, and peculiar catechin in tea can effectively prevent the cholesterol in the blood vessel walls, such as deposits, increased gastrointestinal motility and reducing the blood and urine sugar, etc.Smokers should often drink tea more, in order to reduce the onset of these symptoms brought by smoking;At the same time, the tea can diuresis, detoxification, still can make some toxic substances in the smoke in urine, reducing the residence time in the body.

3, filling selenium.Often smoking easily lead to low selenium levels in the blood, and selenium is anti-cancer anti-cancer indispensable one kind of trace elements.Therefore, smokers should often eat more food containing rich in selenium, such as animal liver, seaweed, shrimp, etc.

4, smokers can complement appropriately iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, meat, kelp, soy.

5, add some food can reduce or inhibit cholesterol synthesis.Because smoking can make the amount of cholesterol and fatty deposits in blood vessels, brain blood flow reduction, easy to cause brain atrophy and accelerate the aging brain.Therefore, smokers on food should eat less fat containing saturated fatty acids, etc., and should add some food can reduce or inhibit cholesterol synthesis, such as milk, fish, bean products and high fiber food, such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon and fruits, vegetables, etc.

6, nuts and whole grains and other food containing vitamin E can make smokers have to cut the risk of lung cancer by about 20%.Foods rich in vitamin e include soybean oil and other oil seed extract;Nuts, especially the apricot, almond, hazelnut and hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and whole grains.

7, beta carotene more beneficial to the smokers, alkaline foods that are rich in beta carotene can effectively restrain smokers smoke, have certain effect to reduce smoking and smoking cessation.Foods rich in beta-carotene include carrots, spinach, peas, alfalfa, chili, smokers can right amount to eat more.

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