Why do you smoke cigars?Figure

Why do you smoke cigars?Figure

Why there are so many people like to smoke cigars?Although the pace of smoking has been increasing, but most men still like tobacco.In tobacco, cigars because its fragrance wonderful feelings brought about by the fun, more mature men in love.Although Columbus has long dedicated cigar back to Europe to the Spanish royal family, but the real cigar trend has occurred in the early 19th century peninsula after the war.According to statistics, in 1900 80% of American men smoke cigars.

Created centuries of cigars, the cigar is just a way of life, more represents their understanding and care for life, a cigar people natural understand and enjoy the comfortable silence as your soul is sublimation, precipitation with cigar aggregates of fog.

Although people say that cigar smoking is a symbol of identity and a kind of pursuit of quality life, but the cigar was able to become a kind of trend, nature has a unique charm and the reason:


There is no doubt that for real cigar guest, cigar is first for his own reward.Many people have a cigar as a symbol of power and majesty, but when you lit a cigar, open its noble and strong life, don’t need a title or wealth, you are your own the king.In the kingdom of cigar Cuba with a feature of a words: “feel like the king of the world, you can enjoy a cigar.”And what king than general satisfaction when in a good mood to reward yourself, in a bad mood comfort yourself?

Mature man treating yourself to select cigars because saturated with sunshine of cigar like red wine, with a mellow quality brings fragrant aroma and a memorable aftertaste.A cigar in his left hand, bring cigar, guest satisfaction is omni-directional, sight, texture, taste, smell…So the French have cigar regarded to be one of the supreme 5 c to enjoy [especially caviar (caviar), champagne (champagne), cigar (cigar), coffee (coffee), cognac (cognac)].

Cigar circles in the ever popular a famous metaphor: for men, the cigar is more like a lover, and pipe is close to the wife.Because holding a cigar a man just like carry a fascinating companion, it can’t win the envy of vision for you, give you more belong to your ironing comfort and considerate.


A cigar, of course, bring a person happiness is much more than sensual, really make many fans have a special liking or cigar smoking time of and to be left alone.Once had the media summarized like oil cigar man has five characteristics: mature and rich, delicate, calm, enjoy loneliness and treasure friendship.Whether and cigar company alone or with friends share cigars, cigar to geeks and tomato is a kind of quiet enjoyment and a leisurely in busy life, with a cigar guest living to say: “this is a pause time”.

Steel rare rest time in the forest, you have a chance and you get along with, thinking about some of the problems has nothing to do with the material and utilitarian, that is perhaps the Cuban people still believe that it is one of the auxiliary certificate of psychic thing.And, of course, the and tedious procedure has: smoking cigars from the snip, fire and smoke to the processing of fireworks, cigar has a strict etiquette, “it is not only the experience process of cigars, but also a process of meditation.”Capable of cigar, enjoy the people understand that cigar not to inhale lung like cigarettes, nor rudely out constantly blowing smoke, between warm suction, savour stay cigar in the mouth, let smoke surrounds you, flue gas, you can often feel a pleasant “ecstasy”, this is what you think the best time for introspection.

To share

Alone to enjoy cigar is a good thing, but when cigar became each other’s interests, have common topic can make cigars, enlarge the social circle.Which is in a social situation, people holding a cigar tend to over take cigarettes people naturally condensed into a small social circle.As ever with slender Cuban cigars for more than ten world super model on the cover of the magazine photographed Linda Ivan gem rita said: “this kind of feeling like sharing a bottle of wine with people,” she is so appreciated to the thing in the world, “when you’re anxious, want to do something to resolve the chests are block, some cigars will give you a feeling and best of all. If this time, the side has a can chat friend, that is more perfect.”

A lot of people think a cigar in the “share”, also some people conclude that, cigar smoking, more generous, said this is the same thing, complete people, often can become friends because of the cigar.Despite the gentry gentleman who smoked cigars while in modern society is no longer as tedious as before, but still very exquisite, a number of veteran cigar many of hakka cigar pits, but they usually don’t enjoy alone, but invite a few friends together, not only associated with wine and music, more life chang meaning or even questioning aforetime business an important opportunity.

In foreign countries, including the Clinton bigshots will choose go often in Hollywood a noble club called “Havana club” cigar smoking, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the first Monday of each month is an Austrian restaurant in Los Angeles “cigar night”, playing with cigars and wine, steak, and the friendship between the men.In domestic, it has three big auteur, ringo lam and tsui hark johnnie to for cigars and the birth of common interests and great friendship.Met more than thirty years ago, three men are also very thin, long hair, and a few “chance” of man together, the oil with thicknesses of cigar and chat, drinking rice wine story, finally even a compete for filming, they like fraternal friendship let a person envy, more as a pile anecdotes of the Hong Kong film.

Actually, cigar happiness also is not only the friendship, family, love, food, wine, cigar can be blended in among them.Many nice moment of warmth in life, a cigar is like lighting a cigar, let cigar aroma retained in memory.


Because of the cigar is mellow, heavy drought and sophisticated production processes, maintenance, and determines the cigar man must be loved and knows how to enjoy life rich, although it was also at the beginning of birth indians all can enjoy the usual things, but today, a cigar respecting already without much elaboration.

Expensive nature of cigar has its logic: cigar is pure natural products, like the Rolls-Royce cars, is “handmade” is famous for the world.The finest cigars are through alcoholization raw material, the process must be at least two years, to remove all smell, pure aroma.And starting from the leaf tobacco plantation, cigar production procedure in 222, and only a metal has a light, that is the cigar cutter cutting cigar.And a fine handmade cigar, the tomato, tomato, tomato core three parts is composed of whole leaf tobacco rolling, it also determines the, enjoy a fine cigar, as appreciate a work of art.

It is because the cigar itself valuable quality, determines the cigar collection value.As there are no two identical leaves all over the world, no two are exactly the same cigars in the world.Wine cigars and the like, proper maintenance and waiting will make a cigar hidden more alcohol, if stored properly, it is said that some in the castro regime (1959) before the cigar remains a wonderful chicken flavour and taste.

Because of this, many in smoking cigar lovers at the same time, also the cigar as a collection of objects.Although the cigar collection market in domestic is still in the initial stage, more or communicate a small scale in the cigar club, but abroad, cigar has become collectors to collect one big hot, become a denizen of the auction.According to the market data, listed in 2003 acura’s cigar Cohibal 1492 series, already from the listing of thousands of yuan worth up to now ten thousand yuan or more;In 2004, the former British prime minister Winston Churchill oil of half cigars is starting at $1100;In 2006, was signed by Mr Castro cigar case with full box of cigars are at a higher price for $730000.

Good quality, popular with enthusiasts of cigar once the market out of stock, collectors can earn money easily.But for real collectors, to appreciate the happiness, and perhaps also do not cover the collection and maintenance by our own hands a fine cigar, and in an important moment in life, loving tribute to ignite it more precious sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps the only people who smoke cigars know why I cannot leave a cigar.Whether you because what reason chose the cigar, love it, maintaining it, it can bring you, and will be more than you imagine.

Chinese little cigar model – the Great Wall

For a long time, cigar seems to be more closely combined with western culture, smoking a cigar in the western gentleman image already thorough popular feeling, while easterners take spoil the traditional cigarettes, and cigars in this “import” look like you don’t have much relationship.Because of this, people rarely notice though cigars in China than western has a long history, but since the qing dynasty is a cigar producers and consumers in China.Part of cigar in shifang, with white wine, rice wine, mere wines of bordeaux.And the Great Wall 132 special handmade cigars as a model of Chinese cigar in the 1960 s, shifang stage this cigar technician, development and production into the elder statesman of the republic of number “two”, “pick up no. 3″ handmade cigars, this is “132″ the origin of the legendary history.In the 1970 s, the Great Wall cigar in Damascus and are awarded on panama international exposition, the “Great Wall” enjoys a good reputation overseas.In 2010, the Great Wall cigar successively cooperated with the world’s two biggest cigar manufacturing giant.The following year, Asia’s biggest cigar manufacturing base located in each, “Great Wall” open Chinese cigar development new glory and dream.This cigar from his snorting, collect, or gift friends and relatives, are all very good.

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