Grandpa success up smoking

Grandpa success up smoking

Hard to quit smoking, quit smoking, it is to make a lot of things quitters headache, I will give you a first-hand experience of quitting smoking story.

Grandpa is a “opium addict”, as long as he was at home, smoke.Three packs of just one day, two packages too few.Family members advised grandpa to quit smoking for many times, finally go away.My grandma and grandpa quarrel many times for this matter.Light person more wars, the person that weigh the chopsticks dance.Grandpa’s slogan is: smoking rather give up a meal, a lot of two boxes and a half.

I decided not to let grandpa not quitting, slowly wait.

A brother do something wrong, grandpa strict criticize him.Grandpa criticism well, xiao zhi Daniel, magny cours, presentation, with a mouthful of saliva.Acting is a great educator, until you easy, plus a nod in order to be give up.At the moment, I shine at the moment, in my heart.

In the evening, grandpa depend on the sofa, watching TV, vomit a smoke turn leisurely side.My immediate action, called the younger brother said: “do you want to let grandpa to quit smoking?”Mei lanfang in brother learn to sing a way: “as long as let grandpa to give up smoking, the younger brother go through fire and water, but also in trouble.”I whispered to him I ordered, so on.

Brother a cigarette in her mouth, and swagger walked into the grandpa’s room.I peep followed by hiding in the dark, I saw he deliberately go to grandpa’s front, intentionally attract the attention of grandpa, grandpa saw cigarette dangling from his mouth, fire emit three zhangs: “small age, that, who let you smoke, you don’t know the dangers of smoking have how old? Fast away!”Brother finger clip smoke, spit out the smoke, seems to be enjoying himself.I see heart exulting, a door, and my brother is really good.Grandpa’s face flushed with anger, a dashed forward and grabbed the cigarettes, angrily, pointing to the younger brother: “you, you……”

Ripe, I hurriedly walked in, serious, critical of the younger brother, and then to grandpa and smiling said: “grandpa, you listen to me slowly,, our pupils have learned” morality and society “ZhongYan article N charges. Charges a: smoking is the cause of many diseases, it can lead to a lot of chronic diseases, and even life-threatening. Section 2: there is causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer, it is an important cause of lung cancers. Section three: smoke contains more than 1200 kinds of compounds, the vast majority of harmful to human body, the largest is the nicotine toxicity, also known as the ancient ding. A cigarette contains 6-8 mg of nicotine, enough to poison a rat, 20 cigarettes, the nicotine can kill a cow. Section 4: after smoke was lit, there is a lot of smoke in the air around. In a poorly ventilated environment, people around will be inhaled smoke, smoke caused by passive smoking or forced. Section 5: in the 1990 s, the world each year, 3 million people die due to smoking, that is, smoke on average every ten seconds kill one person. Also, the number is rising. Estimate to 2020 global deaths due to smoking each year will reach 10 million. The number of counts six…”I am gushing, said to see grandpa’s face change.Silence, silence, silence, cigarette burn his finger.

Grandpa in order to test whether really to give up smoking, before school the next day, I intentionally put a box on the table five leaves god, in the evening after school, he found the smoke did not move, but found a piece of paper: the world no tobacco day each year on this day, shops are not allowed to sell cigarettes, and smokers are not allowed to smoke in public places.I made it.

Can outwit only, not for storm, the enemy and know yourself, and suffered not adhere.All things have a way, way.Method correctly can often get twice the result with half the effort, you have this experience?

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