Ask dad to quit smoking

Ask dad to quit smoking

My father has a advantage, that is, don’t drink, but very love to smoke.No matter who said to him, he is don’t change to come over, take our words as ground.Whenever father smoking, we are far away, afraid of smell of strong tobacco smoke!

Listen to mama said, dad would have said when I came out and don’t smoke, but now I’m in four grade he still don’t give up smoking.Smoke has what good?Dad why always don’t give up smoking?

To this end, I came up with a lot of way to ask him to give up smoking.Once have a classmate little papers comparing with him, he is “change”, want to want to go, I have to on dad’s QQ message: daddy please don’t smoke, smoking is harmful to health, smoking is equal to the absorption of drug, is, the more harm for your health, hurry to quit!The country there are a lot of people died of smoking.Also, every day people smell the smoke, the body is more likely to be hurt, to family, also for yourself, please don’t smoke.

But the message didn’t have what effect, dad saw that, but said to us: “you don’t beside me, so not is not smell the smoke?”And listen to his words, I felt good sad good sad ah!……

Now, the day was fine, the house at night a noseful, really make me feel sick, I hate the people who manufacture cigarettes!Dad I still sincerely hope that you slowly quit smoking!

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