Is smoking cessation method

Is smoking cessation method

Quitting smoking is difficult, hard to move on.

Twenty years, two boxes of cigarettes each day is not enough to my colleagues said, maybe one day I will not smoke.Colleagues say “of course, maybe one day you don’t smoke, you which day is dead don’t smoke”.Is up to May 4 this year, 20 years to quit smoking.

Said to quit smoking, said first to start smoking, because they don’t smoke, smoking cessation is impossible.Began to smoke when I was 26 years old, was in turmoil s.Due to the fundamental changes have taken place in the living environment, have something need to be annoying.Clementi said “the small white stick head for a moment”, that is to tip, and always feel good pass cigarettes open issue.But sometimes a cigarette asked the somebody else will say “how do you don’t smoke and smoke let me smoke”, makes me very embarrassed.Back home want to how can natural point repeatedly, does he try to smoke.Are determined after make up, from the old table two bucket under the drawer take out “dongfeng” brand cigarettes.The smoke was also interest “filter”, at that time is the best I’ve ever seen the most upscale cigarette.Five cents a box, than the “golden bell”, “golden” two Angle of six points more senior, “red sky”, “locomotive” more.-

I remember the box of “dongfeng” outer-package of cigarette paper glossy, big red, “dongfeng” 2 words “MAO” hot stamping, the inner packaging is aluminum foil, whole is elegant, very delicate.Box has already been opened, and there are three have sent others to smoke.I drew a, “dongfeng” 2 words above the same brassy, I carefully put the cigarette to nose to smell a smell, aroma, not only but also with a wisp of we are sweet.Right hand is not naturally a holding cigarette, struck the match lit slowly, gently pump the sudden spit it out, head of the dizzy, also good is sitting on the chair did not fall, but boot rose aroma overflowing the little house…

Learn to smoke, but may not be able to grow.Three points has no money in my pocket in the corner of a box of “red sky”, nine points in a box “white”, “locomotive” also seems to smoke.Sometimes buy a packet of tobacco, a few cents a pack of, can smoke half month 20 days, sometimes with a small copper YanGuo, sometimes use paper of cigarette is “innovation”.I also calculate “smart” soon learn to use waste paper of cigarette smoke, but some people just can’t “enjoy” the “fu”, how also learn can’t.

I smoke number is continuously improved, up from two or three a day straight day two boxes, cigarette lighter was not yet, just a box of match day will be enough.Do not believe you do the math, a box of matches at the very most 6070 root, take out half 1020 root, no head, how much can also left root, also perhaps is insurance can paddle.

Say is as long as the smoke on the, the reason that smoking is a big basket, the number is countless.You look at me, in the morning the first thing is open my eyes think of smoke back to the soul, such as smoke, etc. After dinner, a smoke after a meal instead.Smoking smoking sat down to work, reading, writing to smoke, have guests to smoke.Busy when smoking, smoking, when happy when smoking, vexed thing smoking, people long to smoke, smoke when sitting alone.The smoke, smoke ect.Watching TV to smoke, stay up late to smoke, smoke before you go to sleep…I calculated that zhang, 24 hours a day, 8 hours to remove rest, 16 hours there will be a 12 hour hand from smoke, don’t know how much I had not done less.

Because smoking is much, time grew, this has the problem.Left hand refers to as yellow color dyed yellow, particularly the index finger and middle finger are really became a smoky color, how to brush teeth as you are brown.Is more serious is that rose up in the morning after, will vomit a few mouth sputum.The most terrible is my breath away.

To quit smoking I can also use a lot of, eat sugar, tea, smoking cigarettes, smoke quitting friends mutual supervision is invalid, that seems to smoke, because to the toilet and others less steal take penalty set meal times are better than but I.

Although the family never advised me to quit smoking, more didn’t opposed to me smoking, but I also know that passive secondhand smoke harm, let alone of her body is bad, affect work.To quit smoking I also thinking, what a way to let oneself consciously, actively effectively stop smoking?Yourself out of the topic, think about what smoking more than uncomfortable, more painful, more easy, when I think of the jailed, not from your heart.I have an acquaintance in jail and prison work and out of jail people told me the prisoner’s life, I don’t smoke locked in their own ways firmly sit jail contrast to quit smoking, whenever we would like to want to smoke, don’t smoke don’t it is more than the squat prison, warning.Thus I lost decisive cigarettes, beautiful transparent cigarette holder, a variety of styles of lighter, it is the 4th of may, 1993.There are twenty years I was completely and smoke.Since then I haven’t smoked a cigarette.Start colleagues also had to take hundreds of yuan a box of cigarettes lit pass into my mouth, didn’t shake my determination to stop smoking.After a long time, the colleagues didn’t admit that I really quit, don’t wait until the day I die did give up smoking.Because this idea is too absurd, quitting I never said to others.Time passed quickly, a flash over the past 20 years, but social smokers continue to grow.Whatever I this “comparative method” quitting damage loss, whether to give up smoking tips, say it today, hope friends smoking, also want to a “comparative method” quitting might as well give it a try, anyway, don’t have to spend a penny, because quit don’t quit smoking is their psychological things, is have a determination, isn’t it?

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