Miss father and smoke (figure)

Miss father and smoke (figure)

Tobacco online features as a child, the family is very poor is very poor, the family daily expense and the tuition and fees of us three sisters, and a grandmother’s medical bills, on father all kinds of dishes and for tobacco, father would rather own bear, also don’t want to give up our three sisters any drop out of school.In hard times, the father with vegetables seller, selling tobacco leaves, and sell food money, have made us to cultivate the two high school and a college, smoking of father, all his fields of tobacco, dry roll up his smoking.Yourself to death didn’t buy a good clothes to wear, a pack of cigarettes.

Every summer, cool my yard is full of tobacco leaf.Dry tobacco, is to tell.First set on two stake, in the yard again on a cross, like single pole, horizontal position the many bamboo weaving the wood on the ring, and then again on the same set two stake under one roof, the same cross in a wood, and the leaf SanSiPian reinforced back parallel to the wire on the rope, straw rope at both ends, just plug in the bamboo ring on both sides of the above, the sun came out, just push the bamboo on both sides of the ring, tobacco went on under the sun, the evening or rainy days, will come back.Is very convenient.

Whenever the afternoon sun, working outside the sun is big, my father is at home playing with tobacco, the tobacco leaf with a layer of oil, get on your hands sticky, black, when my father asked me to help make tobacco leaves, I always find out a lot of excuses to escape, often as a mother or father help busy.Think of really is unfilial, father to afford cigarettes and even cheap tobacco, so still have to make myself, I also look for excuses to run away.

For raising our three grew up, my father has been reluctant to buy cigarettes, always take the home grown cheap tobacco, every time close to the school Open Day, I am late, always can hear father long sigh, and a pick up a smoke that cheap tobacco, and early to rise, I’ll see the yard a cigarette.

God is really unfair, when we grow up, ready to take good filial piety father, thanked father raising a kindness, father has cancer, and it is late, I want to cry, dare not to tell his father the truth, I silently for his father bought a few high-grade cigarette, he want to let father smoke taste really good, he said not to let father smoke cheap the rest of my life, all we can do only these, even though the doctor told, don’t smoke, but a lifetime cannot leave the smoke, we just know father is a tobacco leaf, when he is in the most difficult with him along the way, I don’t know my father also can take a few days, my heart was dripping blood.

Father with a sick body, accompany us through the years, in on the first day morning, quietly left the us, buy high-grade cigarette, father only smoked a few packages, I silently keep good the rest of the smoke and father didn’t finished tobacco, whenever miss father time, I will light up and those the rest of the tobacco, shut the doors and Windows, let the cigarette smoke is full of the room, that is his father’s taste, also is a kind of way. I miss my fatherI wish heaven’s father, everything is ok.

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