The impression of cigarettes

The impression of cigarettes

In addition to occasionally take part in accidental amusement, I don’t to smoke.But my father, my grandpa is smoking, and belong to that kind of addiction is larger.In the impression of my childhood, my grandpa’s hands are always holding burning with the root of cigarettes, cigarette besides to grandpa left with yellow teeth, what hasn’t left.Father also smoking, just hold in the hand in a filter tip more smoke, father should belong to smoke heavily, and at least a pack of cigarettes every day, sometimes is not enough.Under such background, smoking is a very natural thing.I took the first cigarette is my father, strange?It also don’t blame on.When I was a child always want to set off firecrackers on New Year’s day, not like now, in order to safety and urban environment, even banned firecrackers and burning, make of the festival atmosphere.Then don’t, so people no matter so much.Setting off firecrackers, children are always like this: first, the whole hundred thousand buy, apart into individual to burn again, so that every child who rarely see a hang firecrackers, only in the evening of the New Year’s eve, eat dumplings before put the whole hanging like that.That creates a problem, since it is setting off, one by one, do not want to take a match to light one by one!At that time no disposable lighters, had also gasoline, is expensive!So, to get firecrackers from home at the same time, also from his father “rationing” a pack of cigarettes.This cigarette is very cheap that, of course, the impression as if is a kind of call “red as” smoke, filter, two cents a pack.This should be I in addition to the father of “second-hand smoke”, his first suction box, is also the first cigarette!!!!Just forgot which cigarette factory, the feeling is local cigarette factories products, cigarette case is yellow, with a picture of a red elephant, only when our children are “sucked” this brand.I now suspect that, perhaps, of all children are like that are addicted to cigarettes because some friend around me, in the years passed, and even out in the first month, and still see them in this brand of cigarettes.At this time will not be able to use set off firecrackers to prevaricate parents again, can only secretly to suck.Why haven’t addiction, but I also said not clearly, could have direct relationship with the mother’s strict discipline!!!!Impression when his father smoking, my mother always don’t let him smoking indoors, unless the father is the only one at home.

Got cigarettes, nature is going to suck, and so began my “first”.The cigarette is a “rush”, may be the quality of tobacco leaves is bad, may be the reason, “kanto smoke” in all the smoke was choking, but I didn’t like in some TV dramas cough up immediately, just can’t help shedding tears, really “go”!I now that yellow patch on the front of, in my memory seems to be that cigarette’s absorption, in addition to not to drop, with her nails dig many times, it is no use!Now also in, look in the mirror it reminds me of the cigarette, the cigarette of the “go”.Then don’t smoking, listening to a little boy said, smoke is go belly pharynx, I didn’t swallow, because is too “rush”.I just sucked into the mouth, stay down and spit out, he watched from the mouth spit out the smoke, constantly upward, divergent, until disappear, feel novel, is such a little, really nothing!Don’t like those big philosopher, brooding when smoking cause to think what, I didn’t want to anything, just took a second port machinery reciprocating, cigarette soon finished, in addition to a little dizziness, feeling, I don’t know your thought, may really not suitable for smoking, experience less than pleasure.But at dinner time, “feel” to the – headaches, foggy, want to sleep, so I didn’t eat what is under the table, alas!Now regret not eat good a table as a big dinner.In the early 80 s, however, that children can’t see what all the year round is oil and water.Meal, early to bed, until the next morning, only better.As a result, my first impression of cigarette is bad, later don’t like is also a reason for that.That box of cigarettes, impression seems to suck again two, never found feelings.Finally gave junior partner with homes, saw them cheerfully sorption, and they wonder: the smoke is so good?

Didn’t learn to smoke, so, I always so now I saw someone two fingers with elegant pose, smoke and dust ash that skilled movements, is especially pretty.MM, in particular, I like to see a woman, especially beautiful women smoking.I think either women are more mature, more ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, also seem to have a special “penetration” charm, anyway I is hard to resist.But I can’t stand that all tobacco flavor, especially beauty to date with the one mouthful smoke, even more terrible, so I’m not going to marry such a beautiful woman do wife home.I heard that there is a tobacco flavor of cologne, in the body will have that kind of hint of tobacco smoke, this is my favorite.Hey hey, I have a girlfriend, I advised her to use that kind of cologne.

This is my impression of cigarettes went, when want to give it the conclusion but not, perhaps this is the world so many people like it, but why there are so many people hate it!!

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