There is a kind of pleasure only smokers know “figure”

There is a kind of pleasure only smokers know “figure”

Have a good study of painting William Hertz said: “there is a pleasure in painting, can only understand” painter.For drug addicts, so it is with smoking?At night, after a work day, you gently lit a cigarette, enjoyed a bite, let the ChunChun fragrance moment into the intestines, which is how comfortable.At the moment, you are totally immersed in the joy of peace, no annoyance to entwine you, not impetuous mentality to harass you, you are forthright and sincere, with children carefully taste and enjoy this rare moment serene, as enigmatic Nostradamus –

Deep night, sitting alone in the study of secret.

In a cloud of smoke as if into the mysterious place, walking in a fairy-tale world, feel the joy that was cast all the sorrow and trouble. Near the island of Java

At college, English department students like to read the original novel, the boys read dickens and thackeray, while girls naturally like blanc and Austin.This a few romantic boys and girls who lies master threw affectionate coax nose tears a lot, all day even when sleeping all jumpy.Is said to have a girl love say talk in a dream in the middle of the night, is often a “began screaming” I dear dulcie “, make of whole dormitory building is haunted.I naturally be romantic, just like the stereotype of Sherlock Holmes.Give us literature old pedant actually is also a fan of Sherlock Holmes, so there will be a common language.A happy old man, at the weekend to take me to his house for dinner, finish dinner Lao ke, his old man’s house don’t want to send me a hardcover copy of the Sherlock Holmes set pipe, and a classic Sherlock Holmes and said that the latter is he paid two pounds for during the period of studying in the UK.The original 10 over the years, the hardcover novels go already, is a pipe is preserved by me.Look, it’s big mouth curved neck, round head not only with how many gifted wisdom, no wonder it’s brilliant master is always inseparable with it.Few days ago with a British student friends go out to walking street, selling occasionally came to a stand pipe and cigarette lighters, you say that John bull strange don’t strange, he was also fascinated for booth in greatly small pipe, just took my pick to along while, finally chose the one that told me the teacher gave me the crooked neck monsters is the same.I wish this foreign devil’s idea is different with us, that Sherlock Holmes with something of the past so many years, anyone have a special liking to it.Thought of here, I can’t help but to conan Doyle Sir Much admired.The great research to spiritism is said to have strange character, how can you make it a small pipe produced so much magic, let so many later generations of readers for it about right?Many details in the novel, saying is every thorny problems when the protagonist, is point a smoke, smoke while meditating, as if he had hidden in the eyes across the murderer clues plumes of smoke.Is really heart, or let’s film director how also learned the tricks?Our xie jin and Shang Xiaodan are often reappear in its work the Sherlock Holmes of the classic picture?Through such art processing, seems to be the ordinary solanaceae herbaceous plants will immediately become a magic elixir, again stupid fool also is medical brilliant, again difficult problem can be solved in the cloud of cigarette smoke.Seems that a cigarette to mouth diao, wit inspiration will come immediately, than what tonic are useful, not letter you see.

A cloud of smoke from the mouth, long tail, and hovering in the eyes, rise, and for a long time in front of you wandering, refused to disperse, the cloud is like a piece of falling from the sky.Isn’t this a picture of the beauty of the living?So half with eyes closed, your thoughts and follow the trace that smoke, continuously rise, leaping and twisting, had come to an isolated xanadu, listening to the sounds of birds, watched the ear of the fragrant flowers, all kinds of strange imagination be vividly portrayed.Your mind has become so active, it seems that full belly of punch line lovers are ready along with tasting smoke pouring out of, the much unstoppable.Fine, cigarettes, I was really impressed you.But li bai lived one thousand years away from we have, he has no chance to enjoy such beautiful mouth, otherwise the generation by coupled to need not seek inspiration from a cup.This is –

Madadayo smoke very much,
Juices than son built;
Either to the inspiration,
Holy god also aimlessly.

Of cigarettes and the function of wit is so wonderful, it is no wonder that many dynasties and painters pampered.Tobacco, since the Ming dynasty was introduced into China for hundreds of years, both dignitaries and right people, to have smoked into hidden, a fascinating one.Fame and smoke most of the smokers, when the first JiYun qing dynasty scholar.Is the sharp, the article knowledge of weight in one’s hand, but usually chain-smoking, a tobacco pouch with all day long, people called the “big pipe smoke”.According to the record, JiYun “an open, good funny, suddenly smell its language, to wit, but think of, is a famous”.I think it must be was associated with daily smoking.The literati of smoking, are mostly informal, so to zhuang in order, view, breadth of mind open-minded, achievement university asked.Old age old gentleman successively participate in jehol volunteers, in the high table “, “heyuan Henry”, the eight banners tongzh, the writing of the book, between the qianlong “ku” series, and he tended to code, host write “catalogue abstract ku” 200 volumes, in addition also take charge of the qing reign, the emperor qing shi lu “and so on, its poetry by the later generations to collect for the JiWenDa male YiJi, verse 16 volumes, it is academic circles, prolific.So the heavy academic burden, if not open-minded tolerance, how can you do it consistently?It seems that he is really played a big tobacco pouch.

Open-air movies as a child, common Japanese soldier stared at the screen barking “you, too, shell used”.So what is the shell?Ask adults, adults, of course, also don’t know, you fool, said: “is… is… is the flower girl’s work.”Think is right, when the Japanese soldier in the movie, in every village, every first set fire to roast chicken, then find a flower girl, now is, live and develop, often used to tease a in the class from the provincial capital to show-off girl: “are you a little too shell, dead is dead.”Then read more books, to know the word from English tobacco, and the English word comes from the Spanish tabacum, tobacco, he could.At the beginning that I tease girl don’t know how to laugh at me, tobacco leaf and the little girl, goes and also!To the enemy in the movie also is really poor, long-term in the outside soldier, the guerrillas in the land of the thunder, and economy deteriorated, otherwise they will even get a cigarette is urgent so diabolical, thus also visible smoke is how uncomfortable.Speaking of the word tabacum, is well, is still great navigator Columbus learned from the native American?The navigator had also is not what good bird, when I was young was a small bludger of Genoa, Italy, then lost the bet money, in the home stay not bottom go to, just slip my luck to Spain.At the time of Italy and Spain by mark?Baltic bewitch, a lot of people think of rich Oriental to explore, to India and China to look for the land of precious stones and gold.That Columbus with three inches golden tongue, had persuaded the king of Spain gave him a boat and some followers, he was sailing out to sea.The king could result is trying to get rid of his entanglement, and also want to see the children of the east treasure, so his mind hot agreed to.It’s Columbus not gambling, sailing adventure is a genius.He embarks from the Spanish coast, along the drift from place to place, experienced difficulty, also made him the blind cat with a dead mouse, arrived in the Bahamas in 1492.But you don’t happy for him, his old man’s house don’t think you to what the new world, he can be full of gems and gold which is India, so he in Spain until 1506 valladolid died that reach is India, said that the local people indians.It is said that Columbus didn’t bring anything valuable from the new world of gold and silver jewelry, but brought tobacco first to Spain.Immediately after it was brought to Europe, very popular, many people rushed to smoking, smoke soon into fashion, and even the nobles can’t avoid custom.Many people think that is the custom of the Chinese people smoking by the western missionaries bring, make a factually.China tobacco from Luzon, i.e., an island of the Philippines today.Luzon as rich products, is famous in the world there are two things, one is gold, two is tobacco.Early years of the Ming dynasty, China’s trade with Luzon.According to history records, the Luzon countries in 1372 (Ming hongwu China for five years) to 1410 (Ming yongle eight years) afford to visit China 3 times, between the Ming dynasty in 1405, and afford BaoPin.Think that Luzon tiny and never Yu Tianchao bed side, very anxious to pour all their favor to fawn on.The emperor see daming envoys, would be insecure, timid, afraid to present, offended Chinese national pride.Since the tobacco is Luzon products, must be within the time.Don’t know if zhu yuanzhang and his descendants have to smokers, but cigarettes since then was introduced into central plains are indisputable facts.Look at Europe, Columbus to the americas for the first time was in 1492, even in the tobacco back to Spain, when will it than we night more than one hundred years.GanShiXing so, those who hold the four great inventions of the Pythagorean theorem of the Great Wall in Chinese one more proud capital, see, we Chinese people smoked than foreign devil you long a century.

Americans smoked for so long, I am shame of smoking.Since the second benmingnian, dragged down by a colleague, also more than ten carrying.But if you think I smoke only in order to follow the celebrities and inheritance has a long history of culture, then you only half right.The reason why I love to smoke, the main reason was a like to smoke of that kind of detachment and leisurely.Of these wonderful spare and elegant, is disenfranchised say “have a rest, half day becomes ZhongNaShan”, said the white is as good as his living immortal “” a cigarette after a meal, how quick zai!Sometimes also by the size of a cigarette accidentally dye small disease, such as make a pharyngitis, doctors have to make a mountain out of a molehill, talk about the harm of smoking, and also displayed phthisis chest X-ray of patients to frighten me, saying I again so for a long time hence, will also like them, not halfway riding crane, it is a lifelong disability.I also believe, go home quickly after smoking cessation plan.Behold this planned order executive power, the first two days will swear, don’t throw the pipe die endlessly, and get better in time, immediately put the doctor’s sincere advice to the outside of the cloud nine.The results tend to be addiction not quit, instead more and more fierce.A long period of time, ah, you don’t say, pharyngitis have disappeared automatically. ItPresumably that throat like a child, also can’t always loved it, you don’t let he often bear exercise, it also just don’t listen to you.No wonder there is cloud, “the poor child support”.Do you want to the poor child, born after the adults is almost ignored, let its lurching outside all day, all the dirty mud like a monkey, but is surprisingly vigorous.But the throat be cured, but bitter fingers and teeth.Originally those fragile hands, now like frost dozen of old cucumber, teeth also fumigated brown, let you washing scour to no avail.Fortunately, the two things is taste, no worry about life, is a blind man cattle – let it go.Therefore also often sing doggerel self-mockery –

Both under nasal hole,
To do the big chimney,
Two rows of yellow teeth,
Scared the shit out of hag.

Was born in a poor family, cigarette is a luxury, so my grandfather often in house lots kinds of several strains of tobacco, fall after waiting for the millennium uprooted, and then spread to dry in the yard.After being dried, the old man’s house, the leaf into small bundles, placed in a dry place to deposit, this basically is to enjoy a year of enough.Every time in dinner, grandpa were a tree, on the chimney-piece baking, the full house soon send out a thick smoke.Baked tobacco shreds rub and then took out a small booth in the prepared fine lines on paper, again the sticky paper gently rolled up, a little, after finishing a beautiful cigarettes is ready.Make cigarettes in this way, there is no contamination on the machine oil, with a sweet full-bodied fragrance of the soil, is the finest products.I used to think, I and cigarettes so decree by destiny, bred a childhood infection of the drama?So my future to hate cigarettes father often advised me to give up smoking, I would argue irrationally: “treasure of the family, how the shall charge? Don’t inherit family system, is a big unfilial.”Anger father blowing his beard, but I can’t.Now living standards greatly improved, as big as my grandfather’s old man did not have to bake tobacco leaf by yourself?Now shopping malls supermarkets, full of beautiful things in eyes of various brands of cigarettes, to find, and the price is very reasonable, ordinary citizens completely affordable, better than in the past it was different from heaven and earth!In today’s world tobacco growing an average of about 4.5 million hectares, the average yearly output of tobacco leaf total nearly 7 million tons, has become a big industry.Cigarettes bring to national tax is more than millions of!Our loyal and persistent smokers, do not hesitate to kill his own body, to support such a huge industry, to the nation was the yong respectable, its laudable!Our contribution to the country, as both humans and divine beings, that why we are such discrimination in public places?Why do you make a order we all smokers still JieYanRi, indignant world?When smokers can look forward to come to a stand in the bright spring?

Leisure, scribbling, QuanBoYi laugh, comrade health don’t have to take it seriously.

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