Advertising leader cigar is luxury

Advertising leader cigar is luxury

 the China securities journal reported in some domestic five-star hotels, a cigar minimum to tens of dollars, and Charles DE gaulle airport in Paris, the most expensive single cigars were priced at 400 euros.Cigars, is not a cigarette, how also became a luxury?

Leader in advertising

At the mention of cigar, everyone will think of Havana.In the Cuban capital Havana, go to cigar shop or visiting a cigar factory is a major project.Because, Havana is the world’s top cigar producers, castro smoking cigar production here.

Into the cigar factory reception room, right against the face is a picture of Fidel castro and his comrades portraits of the che guevara cigar.Castro holds a phallic cigars, thoughtfully;While guevara put the cigar in the mouth diao, thoughtfully.Such portraits in other cigar factory also has, looks, Havana cigar factory are their revolutionary leader to do image spokesperson, please.

Castro from 15 years old began to smoke cigars.Youth when the stakes, the guerrillas long he used to smoke a cigar to celebrate the victory.As national leaders, people are often see him holding a cigar and laughing from the media, or mouth cigars was lost in thought of the elegant demeanour, this made the best advertising for mark Cuban cigar world, leading to a huge increase in Cuban cigar sales.Cuban cigar today, the annual output has exceeded 400 million, including nearly 300 million for export.While castro gave up smoking as early as 1985, but the system of cigarette factory still proud of hung the portrait of his cigar.

Cigars, such as wine

In order to let people to enjoy a cigar, there are gap through smoke, Cuban cigar smoke heart is adopts the method of artificial hand tore, tobacco longitudinal tearing into two pieces, and then to smoke heart, this is hand-made cigars to some features.Cigar smoke flavor is mainly composed of heart, for each cigar taste, depends on cigarettes work skills.

Cigar production out put into a cigar storage.Cigar is typically after two fermentation.Tobacco leaves, harvesting after drying, classification, and leveling, go through the first fermentation, and then fermented tobacco leaf after manual volume made into cigars, put in storage room on the second fermentation.Good cigars like great wine needs fermentation in certain humidity and temperature, the longer the fermentation time, taste better.

Imperial tobacco “dog tail”

In a cigar factory showroom to sell cigars, mostly in the form of single bulk these cigars is used fir box display, it is said that however it will take a combination of taste.The entire showroom display of more than twenty different price about cigars, are priced in dollars, and prices range from $1 to $50.Also have cartons, carton of 25.

Although price is very attractive, but it can’t buy, because Cuba is maximum limits for foreigners to buy cigars.Exit when each person can only take two boxes, and bulk of not more than 50.

Cuban cigars are currently five famous brand, is the most expensive Cohiba cigars.Familiar with the brand of Chinese people, according to Spanish pronunciation, it is called “dog tail”.

Cohiba cigars was founded in 1966 after the Cuban revolution victory of the new brand.Initially, the factory designed for Mr Castro and his government official processing cigars, redundant smoke as a gift to leaders of the Cuban government.In 1985 Fidel castro after smoking cessation, Cohiba cigar just as a commodity sold publicly.Because of such background, the Cohiba cigar a listed became Cuba’s most expensive brand of cigar, and don’t sell single, has always insisted on carton prices are above $400.”

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