Who invented the cigarette filters?

Who invented the cigarette filters?

“Moist lips exciting! Keep lips soft and temptation.” One kind designed specifically for women 1936 novelty cigarette ads say. At that time, the vast majority of the cigarettes are no filter. Cigarette companies sometimes add a cigarette called “beauty lip usually cork material nozzle, designed for female smokers. After all, which attractive girls willing while smoking a cigarette, while tongue Abstract tobacco end? In the early 1950s, research reports began to expose the hazards of smoking, tobacco companies rushed to the majority of cigarettes to the installation of the nozzle, hired Dow Chemical (Dow) and DuPont (DuPont) laboratory designed to intensify. In 1952, the microsomal Kent (Kent Micronite) made a way to filter out the flue gas particulate filter – “personally seen a testament to … provide more comprehensive protection than other cigarettes, Kent for you “Advertising wrote. But the microsomal used asbestos fiber material than smoking itself is more dangerous. Philip Morris (Philip Morris), an undertaking that their filter contains an antifreeze (diethylene glycol), be able to eliminate the dangers of smoking. DuPont researchers trying to intercept the harmful particles with a variety of new materials, including polyester, this polyester fiber materials do not wrinkle clothes.

The material of man-made fibers in a cigarette filter has brought new problems. In the 1960s, Philip Morris scientists noticed that the filter off the tiny fibers are inhaled into the lungs. The industry as a “by-product”.

The scientists also found that even if the filter is not toxic, but as long as the material can effectively filter out the particles, can also weaken cigarette Effort. Today, most manufacturers use the so-called “ventilation” means to dilute smoked cigarettes: use a paper filter, two marked with many small holes to inhale fresh air. However, studies have shown that smokers are smoking to offset the impact of the filter will be harder. “It’s like you still eat the same an ice cream, but replaced with a very small spoon to eat,” said Stanford graduate student at the University of Bradford Harris (Bradford Harris), his industry filter the various literature combing.

Today, the filter does not transform to become safer cigarette, but some filter package now on the decorative paper layer printed color, looks like a cork – people like to return to that carefree smoking era, at that time, people are most worried about is cigarette accidentally get to spend a carefully-drawn lips.

Filter fable:

Robert N. Provence Côte (Robert N. Proctor) is a professor of history of science at Stanford University, served as an expert witness to prove the guilt of the tobacco industry. Here, he talked about the commitment of the tobacco industry on the filter effect.

The filter is used to dilute the cigarette harm it?

Yes. The filter is the most deadly of the fraud of the history of human civilization. Plus a length of filter cigarettes, not only can save the cost of tobacco, while fool everyone. It is simply not filtered. In the United States, each year 40 million people die of smoking – which almost every filter cigarette.

It was invented most unusual cigarette filters?

A filter is parmesan cheese. Another Romano cheese.

Why they want to push to Italian cheese filter her mouth?

Who knows? Philip Morris has also done so the matter into their first cigarette wet, so that the growth of fungal spores, hope that the long hyphae can play point filtering role.

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