Japan’s smoking rate dropped below 20% for the first time, according to a new survey

Tobacco “tobacco industry newsletter” reports compiled “Japan Times” reported the day before, people over the age of 20 of the country’s smoking rate fell below 20% for the first time.

Lower smoking rates prompted the Ministry of health to introduce proposals to ban smoking in closed public areas.

In this survey, 19.8% of respondents smoked, a 1.8% drop in the proportion of smokers surveyed in 2013.

Both men and women of all ages are showing a downward trend in smoking rates. For people who smoke daily, the rate of male smoking dropped to 29.1%, a decline of 2.4%, and the rate of female smoking dropped to 8.6%, a decrease of 0.9%. For those who smoke occasionally, the rate of smoking for men aged more than 20 has fallen fastest since 2013: it has now fallen to 31.1%, a decline of 5.4%; in 2001, smoking was 55.6% for men aged more than 20.

The highest rates of smoking were among more than 30 year old men, 39.9% of whom were smokers, while the lowest smoking group was women over the age of 80, 1.7% of whom were smokers.

According to the “Japan Times” reported that Japan is ready in 2020 on the eve of the Tokyo Olympic Games welcome more foreigners visit at the same time, health, labour and Welfare Ministry is also pushing a people from second-hand smoke act.

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