Philip Morris International Japanese company decided to reduce the increase range of cigarette products

According to “Japan Tobacco online news” reported the news agency compiled before the Japanese Philip Morris International Company has decided to 82 kinds of cigarette products plan price reduced to 32.

At the same time, Japan’s Philip Morris International company withdrew in May submitted to the Ministry of finance of the application, and re apply for the 32 kinds of cigarette products prices, the price of all products are part of the Marlboro brand.

The move appears to reflect the company’s judgment that a wide range of price adjustments could lead to lower sales, lower revenues, and less corporate profits.

Philip Morris International has 100 kinds of cigarette products, cigarette products involving 80% of the initial price adjustment plan. If approved by the Ministry of finance, the PMI will start from September 1st 32 increase in cigarette prices increase 10 yen per pack of cigarettes.

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