Bat will hold a press conference in Canada

Tobacco “tobacco industry newsletter” reports compiled Imperial Tobacco Canada Company (ITCAN) in a press release prior to the date of release said that over the past six years, British American Tobacco invested $1 billion 500 million for research and development of cigarette substitutes and potential low risk products and commercialize.

The press release states: ““ over the years, this has become a great strategic advantage for British and American tobacco.”. By creating inspiring products, we are committed to drive change. The most important thing is that we promise and hope to reduce the health effects of smoking. ”

In July 6th, Kingsley Wheaton, managing director of the next generation of British and American tobacco products, will attend a press conference in Vancouver, canada. Also attending the press conference was Jorge Araya, President and chief executive of Imperial Tobacco Canada Company, and Eric Gagnon, head of public relations and corporate relations.

The press release says Araya and Gagnon will openly discuss Canada’s lack of a strong regulatory mechanism for the next generation of products and the challenges posed by the current regulatory environment.

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