Japanese tobacco began to resume sales in Japan, Ploom Tech

Tobacco “tobacco industry newsletter” reports compiled according to Reuters, the day before the start of Japan’s tobacco flagship store sales of Ploom Tech, and in July 10th expanded the line to Tokyo 100 tobacco shop, and then sold to Japan in the first half of next year.

The company hopes to use its steam amount through extension allows products of smoke-free restaurants and public places to catch up in the smokeless products in the field of Philip Morris International Development speed.

Because of Japan’s pharmaceutical regulations prohibit the nicotine smoke for electronic cigarette, so the tobacco companies will replace Japan as the test field of steam products.

At present, the heating of tobacco products iQOS Philip Morris International has become Japan’s best-selling products, strong demand. Japanese tobacco delayed the release of Ploom Tech products due to a production shortage.

In March 2016, the company delayed the trial version of Ploom Tech at an online store in Fukuoka, but had to suspend sales due to supply shortages. By the end of 2016, the company had sold 250 thousand Ploom Tech.

And Philip Morris International iQOS is different, Ploom Tech not directly heating tobacco, but through the steam heating device for battery, generated by steam filled with tobacco capsule.

Japanese tobacco says the smell produced by the work mechanism of the Ploom Tech does not heat up the tobacco products, which it hopes will be a differential factor from the products of its competitors.

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