Garner FDA executives think hookah and cigarette harm almost the same

Tobacco online YEN.COM.GH reported Garner compiled the food and Drug Administration (FDA) and drug abuse under the tobacco unit responsible person Olivia Ms. Boateng said, hookah and cigarettes as harmful, it also opened a false perception that many young people think that hookah cigarette harm below.

Ms. Boateng said that many young people think Garner, smokers in the smoke inhalation before and after the hookah has been flavored water filtration, therefore, they think the hookah is safer than conventional cigarettes.

Exclude the hookah “ more healthy ” the common cognition, Ms. Boateng noted that, as with conventional cigarettes, hookah smoke inhaled by smokers also contain nicotine and carcinogenic substances, therefore, hookah smoke and cigarette smoke as harmful.

Ms. Boateng, speaking at the Graphic Youth World conference, pointed out that regular hookah smokers had the same health risks as regular cigarette smokers, including cardiovascular, respiratory, oral and dental diseases.

For proper comparison, Ms. Boateng said, shisha one hour is equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes, and laboratory tests showed that the use of hookah charcoal burning will produce harmful to human health a lot of carbon monoxide (CO).

“These toxic substances cause cigarette smokers and hookah smokers to become addicted and cause heart and lung disease and cancer,” she said. “&ldquo.”. ”

Ms. Boateng said that the government will force the tobacco importer and manufacturer placed pictorial health warnings on its products, the health warnings shall be accounted for 50% of the area of positive packets, accounted for 60% of the area of the back. The results show that the graphic health warnings are more effective in the aspects of the dangers of smoking smokers.

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