Electronic cigarette company Nerudia new US office

Tobacco online, according to the tobacco industry newsletter, compiles Nerudia, an electronic cigarette company, to set up an office in Dayton, Virginia, to serve fast moving consumer goods, tobacco, electronic cigarettes and the pharmaceutical industry.

The office is only 10 minutes away from Dulles International Airport, which is convenient for visitors from home and abroad. It is located in the high growth zone, with convenient transportation and close proximity to the regulatory authorities. Many major nicotine industry meetings are held here.

With the introduction of new regulations for the electronic cigarette industry, tobacco for increased demand, therefore Nerudia is currently in the United States and the United Kingdom recruitment, to support the development of American companies, and seeking to expand business to Europe America pharmaceutical customers to cooperate.

The United States Office will support and promote the development of innovation, Nerudia consulting and compliance three business departments, and provide solutions and foundation of British electronic smoke. In the short term, all testing and laboratory work will be continued at the British factory licensed by the Nerudia for quality control of pharmaceutical production.

Nerudia chief commercial officer Andy Gaunt said: “ the United States is an important market for Nerudia, we are pleased to set up a new office in reston. This will enable us to stay in the same time zone with new and old customers in the United States, thereby enhancing their relationship. Many American clients have been working with us on the European Union directive on tobacco products, which is involved in their European operations, and now they are focusing on the PMTA process. Our new office can support them and guide their complex new legislation, which is a valuable resource. ”

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