Thailand raises the legal age for cigarette purchases to 20

Tobacco online according to the “Bangkok post” reported on the compilation before Thailand “2017 Tobacco Control Act” into effect — — legal age to buy cigarettes will increase to 20 years old, forbidden tobacco companies through corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities such as indirect advertising propaganda, aimed at reducing the number of young smokers and non smokers protection. The public health minister, Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, welcomed the revised bill to regulate tobacco consumption.

He said that because tobacco companies was trying to lure young smokers with sophisticated marketing strategies, stricter laws were needed to prevent children from becoming infected with smoking habits. Once contaminated, it is likely that life is difficult to quit.

In addition, he pointed out that the government was forced to adhere to the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control. In accordance with this Convention, any law relating to tobacco must be amended. Tobacco consumption poses major health problems as well as a major cause of disease and early death, with 50 thousand deaths each year from smoking related diseases.

The law stipulates that the minimum age to buy cigarettes will increase to 20 years old, the minimum age of tobacco sales is 18; banned in the temples or religious places, hospitals, pharmacies, medical facilities and educational institutions, public parks, amusement park and zoo and other places sell cigarettes; prohibit the promotion of tobacco products.

People who smoke in smoke-free areas will be fined 5000 baht, while people in the no smoking area are required to inform people that no smoking is allowed and that no one is violated.

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