Cuban cigar tobacco harvest a maximum of ten years

The Cuban government says it expects to harvest about 19000 tonnes this year, the highest in ten years, the tobacco industry reported, according to the tobacco industry newsletter. The tobacco industry representatives will this year’s high quality tobacco due to good weather weather conditions.

Cuba’s high-end cigar industry headed by Habanos, the company is a joint venture owned by the state-owned tobacco companies and Cuban brands subsidiary company Altadis empire.

In 2016, the Cuban cigar sales Habanos from profit of $445 million, an increase of 5% compared to 2015.

Although not to the world’s largest high-end American cigar market sales, but still accounted for the global Habanos hand rolled cigars sold in 70%.

The Cuban vice president Jose • Ramon • Machado Ventura (Jose • Ramon Machado) congratulated the cigar tobacco this year’s harvest, also called for tobacco growers continue. After visiting Cuba’s western province of Pinar De Rio the manufacturing center and the largest tobacco producer, he said: “ harvest will be better next year. ”

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