Philip Morris International of Italy tobacco plant heating capital 500 million euros

Tobacco Philip Morris International’s official website reported on the international day before Philip Morris announced plans to compile an additional investment of about 500 million euros, for the expansion of the company is located in Italy of Bologna province crespellano smokeless products factory.

The factory is crespellano Philip Morris International first dedicated Heets mass production factories, the products are used in electronic products supporting iQOS tobacco heating device.

The plant, which was completed in September 2016 and employs more than 600 people, is a senior technician from various fields, such as mechanical engineering, electronic technicians and chemistry. The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, when the company plans to increase the annual output of heating tobacco plants to around 100 billion.

Philip Morris International President Frederic Wilde said the EU de: “ last week, we announced in Germany Dressel meal of second new plant investment. The Kreis Peirano’s first expansion confirms our commitment to build as soon as possible for the future smoke-free Philip Morris International vision. ”

Philip Morris International low risk product technology and Michele vice president Cattoni added: “ crespellano factory startup represents a commitment to better PMI alternatives instead of cigarette smokers, thus benefiting the public health and the whole society. We are now rapidly expanding the production capacity of smokeless products to meet the increasing demand of adult smokers. ”

In November 2014, Philip Morris International to Milan for the first time in iQOS and Heets of adult smokers. At present, it can provide iQOS for Italy, 25 major cities in the whole country and the whole world. Two million people have given up smoking and turned to iQOS.

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