The number of pubs in Britain has plummeted

Tobacco ban has destroyed British pubs and damaged local communities, according to a report released by the compiled smokers organisation Forest, tobacco industry online reported.

According to reports, Forest’s new data show that since the introduction of the smoking ban in July 1, 2007, the number of bars in England has fallen by 11383 since 2006, a decrease of 20.7%.

Although in the long run, the number of bars will go down, not entirely depending on the smoking ban, but the road to destruction? The report on the impact of the smoking ban on bars and personal choice found that the ban on bars had accelerated significantly, especially in poorer urban areas.

The report says many communities have lost important meeting places and social centres. Once aware of the dangers of social isolation and loneliness, the smoking ban has affected local communities and many individuals who are now smoking at home.

“&ldquo,” Rob, the author of the report, said: “the Lyons ban has been criticized by British traditional pubs, especially in our urban areas.”. Since the introduction of this destructive policy, the government should have a comprehensive review of the impact of legislation over the past ten years, taking into account the existing comprehensive prohibition of alternatives. ”

At the same time, Forest director Simon Clark says there is little evidence that the ban is good for national health. Instead, thousands of bars have closed and personal choices have become offerings to the altar of tobacco control.

“&ldquo,” says Clark, “allowing individual, well ventilated smoking rooms, or relaxing the overly stringent regulations on outdoor smoking areas will reignite the option of letting the public have more control over their business.”. Proposals to extend the ban on outdoor areas such as open beer hotels should be strongly resisted. Smoking is a legal activity and must allow pubs to accommodate adults who choose to smoke. ”

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