South Korea proposes legislation to levy an equivalent tax on heated tobacco products

Tobacco online according to the “Korea Herald” reported compiled at the beginning of June, the South Korean parliament introduced a new bill to heating tobacco products levy and the same tax combustible cigarettes. Congress considers it necessary to enforce the same regulation on all harmful tobacco products.

According to the information system act of Congress, free North Korea Party MP Kim Kwang-lim drafted the bill amended the three management of tobacco taxation law, in order to combustible type cigarettes and tobacco products of combustion heating does not impose the same tax system, including the iQOS Philip Morris International this month introduced in korea.

Heating non burning products including tobacco leaves, but their manufacturers advertise that they release less toxic substances because there is no combustion process.

Under existing legislation, a 3323 won (US $2.92) tax should be levied on each package of combustible cigarettes, and a tax of 1588 won per levy on each of the heated tobacco bars. The tax levied includes consumption tax, health fund tax and personal consumption tax.

““ this seems to encourage smokers to quit traditional cigarettes and switch to smoking and heating tobacco products,” &rdquo wrote.

If Congress passed the three amendment, Philip Morris International need to iQOS system of each Heets tobacco bar to pay an additional 1350 won of tax.

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