Review of international tobacco in the twenty-sixth week of 2017

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  transnational corporations

The international day before Philip Morris announced plans for an additional investment of about 500 million euros, for the expansion of the company is located in Italy of Bologna province crespellano smokeless products factory. The factory is crespellano Philip Morris International first dedicated Heets mass production factories, the products are used in electronic products supporting iQOS tobacco heating device. The plant, which was completed in September 2016 and employs more than 600 people, is a senior technician from various fields, such as mechanical engineering, electronic technicians and chemistry. The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, when the company plans to increase the annual output of heating tobacco plants to around 100 billion.

  Market dynamics

“Japan Times” reported the day before, people over the age of 20 of the country’s smoking rate fell below 20% for the first time. Lower smoking rates prompted the Ministry of health to introduce proposals to ban smoking in closed public areas. Both men and women of all ages are showing a downward trend in smoking rates. For people who smoke daily, the rate of male smoking dropped to 29.1%, a decline of 2.4%, and the rate of female smoking dropped to 8.6%, a decrease of 0.9%. For those who smoke occasionally, the rate of smoking for men aged more than 20 has fallen fastest since 2013: it has now fallen to 31.1%, a decline of 5.4%; in 2001, smoking was 55.6% for men aged more than 20.

The new data released the global tobacco market research firm Euromonitor International Day ago. According to the new study, the cigarette market will decrease by $7 billion 700 million in 2021, but the sale of tobacco products will increase by $13 billion 200 million. In 2016, the value of the global cigarette category, which accounted for the first time in decades, dropped to less than 90%, and by 2021 it would be 86%, according to new data from Rui Rui international. While cigarette sales are down, new research emphasizes that steam use will continue to grow, but there will be further changes.

Compared with the figures in 2010, the rate of smoking among young people in Britain continues to decline, a staggering decline. According to the National Bureau of statistics, in 2016, 15.8% of adults in the United Kingdom smoked, and in 2015, smoking rates were 17.2%. At present, the adult smoking rate in England is 15.5%, 18.1% in Northern Ireland, 17.7% in Scotland and 16.9% in Welsh. Duncan Selbie, chief executive of the Ministry of health, said that the number of smokers is now 50 more than 2015, and that the rate of smoking in Britain is the second lowest in Europe, second only to Sweden, in England.

A smoking ban has destroyed British pubs and damaged local communities, according to a report released by Forest, a smoker organization. According to reports, Forest’s new data show that since the introduction of the smoking ban in July 1, 2007, the number of bars in England has fallen by 11383 since 2006, a decrease of 20.7%. The report says many communities have lost important meeting places and social centres. Once aware of the dangers of social isolation and loneliness, the smoking ban has affected local communities and many individuals who are now smoking at home.

  Tobacco and law

At the beginning of June, the South Korean parliament introduced a new bill to heating tobacco products levy and the same tax combustible cigarettes. Congress considers it necessary to enforce the same regulation on all harmful tobacco products. According to the information system act of Congress, free North Korea Party MP Kim Kwang-lim drafted the bill amended the three management of tobacco taxation law, in order to combustible type cigarettes and tobacco products of combustion heating does not impose the same tax system, including the iQOS Philip Morris International this month introduced in korea.

  International tobacco leaf

According to data released by the Zimbabwe based industry regulator, 161 million kg of tobacco was sold in 2017 and $470 million since it entered the sales season in March 15th. The average selling price of tobacco is $2.92 per kilogram, according to data released by the tobacco industry marketing Commission in sixty-third days. Some industry officials said, according to the decline in deliveries, may in the end of July tobacco selling season.

According to the “Herald” reported that Zimbabwe has 47299 farmers in the tobacco industry marketing board (TIMB) registration, preparing for the 2017-2018 tobacco sales season, the new farmers more than 10000 people, over the years a number of new farmers. 6090 of the new tobacco growers were first registered to grow tobacco. The tobacco industry Marketing Committee said cigarette sales grew by 93%. Up to now, tobacco growers have purchased 84308 hectares of tobacco fields, while last year the tobacco growers purchased only 43473 hectares of tobacco.

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