Zimbabwe tobacco revenues exceeded $470 million

Tobacco Pan African Network reported in Zimbabwe compiled according to published industry regulatory data show that since March 15th this year to 2017 sales season, sold a total of 161 million kilograms of tobacco, $470 million.

The average selling price of tobacco is $2.92 per kilogram, according to data released by the tobacco industry marketing Commission in sixty-third days. Last year, about 157 million kilograms of tobacco were sold, valued at $461 million, at an average price of $2.94 per kilogram.

Isheunesu Moyo, public relations manager at the tobacco industry Marketing Committee, said that stakeholder talks would be held in the near future to determine the end of this year’s sales season. He said: “&ldquo, because the sales season has already passed, delivery has begun to decline, negotiations deadline and the end of the sales process, indicating that this year’s sales season has come to an end.”. ”

However, some industry officials said, according to the decline in deliveries, may in the end of July tobacco selling season.

The tobacco sales season usually lasts 90 days. In 1998, Zimbabwe tobacco production reached 260 million kilograms peak, earning 582 million U. S. dollars. In 2008, its tobacco production dropped to 48 million 800 thousand kilograms. Later, it began to rebound.

The destinations of Zimbabwe tobacco exports include Belgium, South Korea, Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Sultan, Hongkong, Indonesia, Philippines, the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and russia.

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