The Trump administration opened fire on the tobacco industry

Tobacco rates continue to decline across the country, according to YourErie, but the southern and Midwestern states have been slow to decline. Both the Trump administration and the new Congress are in the interests of the tobacco industry, which is closely watched by the anti smoking organization.

Although the nationwide smoking rate has steadily declined over the years, more than five hundred thousand people die each year from smoking related diseases.

The plan (Truth Initiative) chief operating officer David Dobbins said: “ now smoking is poor and poorly educated people … … if the life in poor areas, will increase the possibility of smoking 30%. ”

The new food and Drug Administration regulations, which go into effect next year, could have a major impact on tobacco use in the country.

Cigar and pipe sellers represent Mark Pursell that FDA regulations are too much. &ldquo: compliance costs are unsustainable and will cost most of our businesses. The regulations require new test data and comply with the new labeling requirements, and prohibit the use of &lsquo in packaging and advertising; low, light, soft, &rsquo and so on. ”

&ldquo added, “Pursell, we need a plan that can achieve the goals of public health, but also needs to maintain the sustainable development of the tobacco industry.”. ”

The Trump administration is delaying the implementation of the new FDA legislation and says it will change them. At the same time, electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco companies are trying to claim that their products are safer than traditional cigarettes.

Both observers say it is too early to draw a verdict on the new government. Dobbins is expected to have “ a vicious struggle. The tobacco companies is doing its utmost to make people addicted to smoking. ”

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