Cigarette revenues will decline sharply over the next few years, and tobacco growth will be strong

Tobacco business news reports compiled on the international day of global market research firm Euromonitor released before the new tobacco data. According to the new study, the cigarette market will decrease by $7 billion 700 million in 2021, but the sale of tobacco products will increase by $13 billion 200 million.

In 2016, the value of the global cigarette category, which accounted for the first time in decades, dropped to less than 90%, and by 2021 it would be 86%, according to new data from Rui Rui international. While cigarette sales are down, new research emphasizes that steam use will continue to grow, but there will be further changes.

Euromonitor International Tobacco Research Director Shane MacGuill said: “ sustained growth of steam products, especially heating tobacco as a viable alternative to consumption patterns, &rdquo is the main factors of tobacco industry imbalance;

Heating tobacco will be the fastest growing tobacco category in the next five years, to $15 billion 400 million in 2021, up from $2 billion in 2016, a new study shows, with a 691% increase.

New data show that in 2016 showed the following characteristics:

Japan is the largest heating tobacco market, accounting for 96% of global sales of tobacco products;

Germany is the second largest heating tobacco market, but the United States will have a place by 2021;

The third and fourth largest markets for heating tobacco products are Switzerland and Portugal, and the two fastest growing markets;

MacGuill concluded, “&ldquo, we believe that by 2021, heating tobacco will have a solid share of at least 35 global markets, accounting for 3.5% of global cigarette value and heating tobacco value.”. The prospect of heating tobacco is strong. So visible, this is the real power of global tobacco in the future. ”

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